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Professional Cylinder Head Repair

Looking to build a race car and need cylinder head that can deal with a lot of abuse?  Maybe you just need your head(s) gone over by professionals to ensure long lasting durability?  We welcome all heads for all sorts of upgrades and repairs.  Our cylinder heads can be found in the engines of championship winning, record setting race and street cars.

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The end result of running a ported head with stock steel guides cut down on a turbo car. This is the #1 reason why Headgames Motorworks installs bronze valve guides with their intended full length in every ported head we do.

Be Part of Our Legendary Head Porting Program

Mastering the art of cylinder head porting is no simple task.  We’ve been porting heads since 1997!

In order to increase power you must be willing to think outside of the box, at HeadGames we aren’t afraid of change.  We continually grow our cylinder head programs on the flow bench, dyno, street and the race track.  We ensure that when you buy a HeadGames head you’re getting the best head that we can offer.

Trust the Headgames Motorworks team of high performance artisans to produce the gains you are seeking.  Whether it’s a street car that wants to take advantage of aftermarket bolt-ons like headers and a cam, or you’re an all out race car in need of the winning edge.   We work on them all!

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Pocket Port/Pocket Port “R”

The HeadGames pocket port is a great budget friendly addition to any head, why do you ask?  A pocket port modifies the most important area of any cylinder head!

In order to pocket port the head we must remove the steel valve guides, we reshape and resize the area under the valve seat and short side radius, we open this to a certain percentage of the outer diameter of the valve.

After the port work we install bronze valve guides, we do this because they have a natural lubricity and take heat away from the valve (rumor has it that bronze valve guides wear quickly, however they will easily last for years in a normal street car setting and even a race car).  We hone the valve guides, our trick valve job, lash to your camshafts (if necessary), mill and assemble with new valve seals!

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The Pocket Port “R” service combines the great advantages of the pocket port, but adds the combustion chamber reshaping of the full port to the mix.  This combination creates area under the curve.  The combustion chamber reshaping makes it so you can add timing or boost and the engine won’t be so sensitive to detonation.

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Get Your Valve Job Done Right The First Time

Valve jobs can make our break the ability of your engine to produce maximum horsepower.  The end goal of a valve job is to improve the aerodynamics of a valve seat so that it can allow the most amount of air to travel through it without sacrifices.

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HeadGames has years of research and development with our professional multi-angle valve jobs.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  Each valve job is custom tailored to your cylinder head build to ensure maximum horsepower production.

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Beneath mastery lives consistency. Surrounding excellence lies persistence… the IAP Racing LLC 1/2 mile monster Lambo heads getting our valve job trickery on the Rottler Manufacturing SG8


Are you building a fresh short block and need your head(s) rebuilt to ensure everything is good before dropping that engine in? Go with a shop that knows!  With so many heavy hitters in all genre’s of cylinder heads, we can easily make something back to new.

Refresh Includes:  disassembly, inspection, clean and reface valves, refresh valve job, lash (if necessary), mill, and assemble with new valve seals.

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Rebuild Includes:  disassembly, inspection, clean and reface valves, valve job, lash (if necessary), mill, and assemble with new valve seals.

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Cylinder Heads 101

A Beginner’s Guide To Cylinder Heads, With Headgames Owner David Localio


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“These guys are the best. Super easy to work with and are there for you. Works to meet deadlines while perfecting the job. Would not go anywhere else for headwork.”
“Dave and Tiffani are professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. I had a 1JZ cylinder head worked on, and they did a great job. Only the best in parts for this build.”
“By far the best in the business Highly recommended for Cylinder Head upgrades/machine work. Thank you for everything”

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Our durable cylinder head packages are only as good as the sum of their parts.  We partner with these great brands to build you the best cylinder heads you can buy:

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