-for advanced/pro’s only *removes a lot of material very quickly
-6” long, can be cut down to whatever length works for your particular grinder and/or work piece
-designed for maximum material removal on aluminum, removes material FAST
-for use on aluminum only, not steel
**Not recommended for use in a hand drill, or any equipment that is NOT a dedicated die grinder, HeadGames burrs are designed to be used at minimum 5,000rpm and maximum 28,000rpm.
Dave’s take- the 3/4 burr is my go to.  It make lots of shapes, especially circles!  I make fins in a snap because the burr cuts so fast!  I use the 3/4 burr to rough in many heads, blowers, intakes and then go back over it with the 1/2.  I use the 3/4 to do a rough pass, to get the shape right (it will leave a pretty rough surface finish).  Then I make 2 passes with the 1/2 – first pass with the 1/2 at fast or regular speed to straighten and blend the port it then turn the speed down to half of the rough in speed and fine grind it to get my sand-able surface finish.  This burr will get you in trouble if you don’t know how to shape something quickly.  Because of it’s size I do not recommend it unless you have experience.