-for beginners/advanced pro’s
-6” long, can be cut down to whatever length works for your particular grinder and/or work piece
-designed for maximum material removal while still keeping a smooth surface finish on aluminum
-for use on aluminum only, not steel
**Not recommended for use in a hand drill, or any equipment that is NOT a dedicated die grinder, HeadGames burrs are designed to be used at minimum 5,000rpm and maximum 28,000rpm.
Dave’s take- The 1/2 burr is the most versatile in our line, it has changed my life as a head porter within the first 5 minutes of using it.  This burr is great for pocket ports and full ports.  If you are used to using an aluma-burr get ready to get your socks rocked.  I have 5 1/2inch burrs that are cut to different lengths to fit in different applications.  If you want to shape something that takes a lot of force on the burr, it has to be short.  I use it at full speed to rough something in, then turn the speed down and fine grind it to a smooth surface that makes sanding easy.