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*DISCLAIMER* Payment due in full 30 days from completion

Customer will lose all possession of Cylinder Head / parts and any deposits after 30 Days


High Performance Porting, Valve Guide Upgrades, Spring Upgrades, Valve Jobs & More For Nissan VG30, VR38, RB26, TB48 Cylinder Heads

Our HeadGames Motorworks “Nissan Packages” are built on experience and unmatched reliability.  Known as world renowned performers, making for the absolute perfect option when looking for a set of heads that will deliver for years.  The HeadGames head is known for it’s quick spooling capabilities with dyno graphs chock full of area under the curve.  We do this by going against the grain.  The heads are rationally ported, with air speed in mind, and we utilize the factory size valves up to 1500whp! 

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Depending on your budget and whp goals HeadGames has the right package for you!  Click on our options to choose which parts you would like installed in your head!  *other options include clearancing the head for 11mm+ lift cam lobes, 1/2 inch stud modification

Whether you’re running a mile event or a full drag race effort HeadGames can put a reliable head and cam package together for you!



Cylinder Heads 101

A Beginner’s Guide To Cylinder Heads, With Headgames Owner David Localio

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“These guys are the best. Super easy to work with and are there for you. Works to meet deadlines while perfecting the job. Would not go anywhere else for headwork.”
“Dave and Tiffani are professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. I had a 1JZ cylinder head worked on, and they did a great job. Only the best in parts for this build.”
“By far the best in the business Highly recommended for Cylinder Head upgrades/machine work. Thank you for everything”

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Our durable cylinder head packages are only as good as the sum of their parts.  We partner with these great brands to build you the best cylinder heads you can buy:

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