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High Performance Porting, Valve Guide Upgrades, Spring Upgrades, Valve Jobs & More For Ford EcoBoost First Gen, Ecoboost 2nd Gen (Raptor), Gen3 Coyote, GT350 Voodoo, and Predator Cylinder Heads

Ford Ecoboost First Gen 3.5
Our ecoboost port designs were made with velocity and torque in mind. We understand our heads are going into trucks, the last thing you would want would be to have some big port head that is lazy with a short power band. These are chock full of area under the curve! Message us and see how you can get-head with HeadGames!

Check out our HeadGames exclusive beehive spring kit for the ecoboost! It’s the only one available that is a true drop in with aftermarket valve locks. Dealer inquires welcome!

Ford Raptor 2nd Gen
Looking to make more power? We have the solution! Our pocket port package is the go to package for these trucks. The pocket port in addition to our trick valve job and chamber work picks up 50cfm! Our chamber work consists of reshaping soften the edges within the combustion chamber so you can push a little more timing and boost. The chamber work also aids in preventing detonation.

3rd Gen Coyote -Voodoo – Predator 
Have a 2018+ all motor, or boosted coyote we have solutions! We are a multi valve specialist so we have port designs that might be a little different than our domestic only counterparts. Knowing how to make this type of head flow is our speciality! Inquire and see how you can get-a-Head with Headgames!

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Cylinder Heads 101

A Beginner’s Guide To Cylinder Heads, With Headgames Owner David Localio

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