How do I start the process?

Call, email or simply ship your head to us. You can drop off by making an appointment here. If you prefer to ship your head to us before discussing what type of service you are interested in then fill out the incoming cylinder head form and we will contact you once your cylinder head arrives.

What’s the turn around time?

Our typical turn around time is based off of the amount of TLC we are putting into your head.  A full race port requires much more work than a basic refresh!
Full Port: 3-6 weeks
Pocket Port “R”: 2-4 weeks
Pocket Port: 2-3 weeks
Rebuild: 1 week
*turnaround time goes into affect once the required deposit is received*

How do I know if I packaged my head correctly?

Get as much packing material around the cylinder head as possible, if you are using a thin box you can layer it up with more pieces of cardboard. Shipping cams:  If they aren’t in their original box, be sure to wrap them (preferably with cardboard), beware we have seen cams snap in half during shipping! Shipping Valves/Springs/Buckets etc.-  Be sure they are in some other type of box.  Remember you are packing a 40lb+ piece of aluminum, you must protect your components if you want them installed in your head!  

How do I know when my head(s) arrives?

We try our best to notify every customer when their head(s) arrive, if you notice your package has arrived but you didn’t receive an email, tag you’re it!  You can email Tiffani at and she will be happy to let you know if your head(s) arrived safely!

How do I know the status of my cylinder head?

Once again we try our best to update every customer as their head(s) is making it’s way through the shop, however if you feel as if you didn’t receive an email send us a little reminder and we’ll be happy to send you some pictures or some information regarding your job.

I’m not sure what service or package to buy?

Don’t be shy just contact us using this webform and our sales team will answer all of your questions!


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