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Our domestic roots are strong!  We have been playing with LS since it’s inception in 1997!  We have flow tested, track tested, street-able designs that have been proven to be stout performers in any application. Turbo, Nitrous, Blower or All Motor we have you covered!

We also port superchargers, throttle bodies, and do general repairs. 

LS7 rebuilds & valvetrain upgrades are also our specialty. Don’t wait for a catastrophic failure!  We have budget friendly solution!

We also do hand blending on CNC heads to get the most out of your combination!  Inquire today and see how you can get-a-head with HeadGames!

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Some Of Our Chevy Cylinder Head Work On Instagram Below

Instagram post 2165691869912032858_548945097 Our boy Nick Weber's badass Vette is equipped with some HeadGames LS7 love. See it in person at SEMA! 
#forgeline #corvette #C1ZR1 #chevy #tremec #nitto #btr #builtnotbought #headgamesmotorworks #headgamesequipped @nweber540
Instagram post 2118311179362009299_548945097 Pocket port for one of our favorite people building a neat old Chevy with a little 2JZ heart. @dirtyracingproducts
Instagram post 2097310261787372519_548945097 HeadGames Pocket Port on a set of Ardun heads! These unique hemi heads were the brainchild of Zora and Yura Dontov (zora is also the mastermind behind the original corvette!) they are super rare and over 50 years old and prices start at 14k for a set!!
These will be ripping in a badass street rod build by one of the legends in our industry. Thanks to @bitnerautomotive for trusting HeadGames with this cool piece!
Instagram post 2091809999915583474_548945097 HeadGames CNC 243 heads ready for some beatings! We offer a cnc solution for almost every late model Chevy! 
#vette #boost  #boosted #ls3 #lsx #lsswap
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Instagram post 2073328065619696669_548945097 HeadGames 243 LS1 coming off the mill. We have the killer boosted package for these with a custom exhaust valve not offered by anyone else! Make power, reliably! That’s the HeadGames gap assurance!
Instagram post 2055563660621583019_548945097 #TBT
 A background on how HeadGames was formed. While I was working for Pat Musi, we were commissioned to build the Sheikh of Bahrain a 1000+whp Procharged big block Chevy Silverado. And lucky me (Dave Localio) got to be the liaison, with updates and work the deals with vendors (including getting Ro Mcgonegal to write this in Hot Rod mag). Sheikh Abdullah and I became friends, because we shared many of the same interests in cars. After leaving Musi, Abdullah sent his friend Ahmed Al Khan @aalkhan to meet me. After a brief discussion Ahmed exclaimed I needed to meet these guys in Hackensack NJ that were building a couple Toyota Solara's door cars to compete. Once meeting Ara Arslanian @618toro and the Bullish Motor Racing crew, and playing with a 2JZ... I knew I found a new home. Import heads! A place where I could make a name for HeadGames Motorworks!
18 years later, we are still building on that foundation. I love to reminisce of the roots. How these crazy opportunities came, chance encounters with key people happened and how fortunate HeadGames has been with talented employees. I might not be rich in dollars, but certainly my life has been rich in experiences with the only religion I have ever loved. Horsepower. ---Dave Localio
Instagram post 2051171373813735779_548945097 #frontendfriday 
2 badass LS powered HeadGames equipped Vette’s taking in the sun at OCMD. 
#vette #boost  #boosted #ls3 #lsx #lsswap #z06 #corvette #z06corvette #z06supercharged
#lsxnation #corvettez06 #corvettezr1 #camarozl1
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 #horsepower #gowithaleader
Instagram post 2046663923236434843_548945097 @nweber540 got his HeadGames equipped Vette running and cruising at OCMD this week. This car is built in his one car garage. From scratch! Tube chassis and all! Check out his page for this marvel!
#headgamesmotorworksequipped #portporn
#gapassurance #headgames #headgamesmotorworks #headgamestrong
#bestdamnheadintown #horsepowerismyreligion
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Cylinder Heads 101

A Beginner’s Guide To Cylinder Heads, With Headgames Owner David Localio

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“By far the best in the business Highly recommended for Cylinder Head upgrades/machine work. Thank you for everything”

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