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Welcome to HeadGames Motorworks!  We occupy a 5,000 square foot facility in the heart of Princeton Junction NJ!  We pride ourselves on having some of the best equipment out there starting with our Rottler SGM seat and guide machine, to our newest member of the family our Ultrasonic LLC cleaner!

We pride ourselves in having one of the cleanest shops out, with clean epoxied floors, and impeccable organization.  If you’re visiting ask for a tour, we love to show it off!  We have 2 cats that LOVE visitors!

The Headgames Motorworks Story

Breaking Hearts Since 2001

HeadGames Motorworks was formed in the late 2001 race season.   We started out as a domestic cylinder head shop, which instantly became a force to reckon with in the sport compact market.  HeadGames doesn’t specialize in any specific engine, we have domestic and import experience that makes us unmatched in the industry.

By combining the right equipment, human talent, and racers, we have created some of the best cylinder head and cam solutions out there!  We have reached this success through our passion and dedication to the craft by investing many years on flow bench, dyno, and most importantly, on track testing.  Our valve job and port designs are state of the art technology for your street port/strip or competitive racing application.  We are always working to expand our product line, and love a challenge.  Contact us if you don’t see what you need, we offer customized performance airflow solutions for anything with wheels.

Meet The Team Dedicated To The Art Of Gap Insurance

DavidThe Brains
David’s car obsession started in his toddler years, and like most car guys out there, he never grew out of it. During his teenage years David was known for street racing and drag racing in his turbo Buick and Fox body.
He attended the School Of Automotive Machinists in 1996-1998 and landed a job at Pat Musi Racing Engines. Dave honed his skills in the porting room grinding and dyno testing many top Pro Mod cylinder heads. Not long after that he met Sheik Abdulla Hameed of Bahrain. In 2001 David left Musi’s and created HeadGames Motorworks. Sheik Abdulla Hameed introduced Dave to Ara Arslanian of Bullish Motor Racing who was building 2 Pro RWD Toyota Solaras. Many records and championships were born from this relationship, and so HeadGames grew into a sport compact cylinder head company and its race winning ways still continue today!
TiffaniThe Boss
Tiffani is a car chick that has been working at HeadGames since the summer of 2006, upon graduating high school she took on a part time summer job to clean the shop. A year later she was asked to help out on the seat and guide machine, file some papers, disassemble and assemble heads. Years later she put everything to the side including her degree in education to run HeadGames. If you have a head at HeadGames it will be impossible to not talk to her, she deals with the entire process start to finish!
AmyTop Secret Operative
Amy prefers to remain a secret, she has been with HeadGames since 2010. She went to school for automotive technology, and worked at another local machine shop for 5 years before joining the HeadGames team. If your head is at HeadGames Amy is most likely valve jobbing, lashing and assembling it! She also aids in measuring spring heights, and solving some of the daily complex problems we have when installing parts.
TobyUndercover Operative #2
Toby began working at HeadGames in 2014. Toby is in charge of shipping, bookkeeping, advertising and David! If you are ever watching a HeadGames video, Toby created it! She’s also a car chick that modifies every vehicle she has ever owned with the help of her husband Rob.
RichUndercover Operative #3
Rich has been with HeadGames since 2012. Working under Dave, he has been sanding heads and does some of the pocket ports. Rich is a car guy with many fast Mustangs under his belt and a few Chevy powered monsters too. He builds all his own cars, and some for other people too.
NormanFlow Bench Specialist
Norman is our water boy and flow bench specialist. He is a car guy with a history in Mitsubishi Evo, and DSM community. His latest acquisitions into the Ford market with a Raptor, a blown Coyote Mustang and a Shelby GT350.
CarlosCylinder Head Assembly/Disassembly
Carlos “Chachi” started working at HeadGames in 2017. He has a Golf and a 3 series BMW that he works on in his spare time, both are HeadGames equipped! If your cylinder head is at our shop, ChaChi will most likely be disassembling, installing guides, valve jobbing, lashing and assembling your cylinder head!

Cylinder Heads 101

A Beginner’s Guide To Cylinder Heads, With Headgames Owner David Localio


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“These guys are the best. Super easy to work with and are there for you. Works to meet deadlines while perfecting the job. Would not go anywhere else for headwork.”
“Dave and Tiffani are professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. I had a 1JZ cylinder head worked on, and they did a great job. Only the best in parts for this build.”
“By far the best in the business Highly recommended for Cylinder Head upgrades/machine work. Thank you for everything”

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